Lighting Design &

Metal Work

We created bespoke solutions for a restaurant, The Good Wife, in BKC, Mumbai.

A variety of chandeliers were used to adorn and light up the space. Some of the chandeliers were created with Pumpkin lamp fittings. The round industrial chandeliers used Edison bulbs, canvas and were air-brush painted. A metal wall was designed to appear as a vintage drawer cabinet which was fashioned with brass pockets for tagging each drawer.

Materials - Canadian oak, specially made cast iron frames, round portholes, aluminium, teak wood,acrylic, copper, steel

Dimensions - Miscellaneous

Pumpkin lamp Chandelier
Custom made metal light
Metal decor for restaurent
Intricate wall glow fixtures
Round Industrial Chandelier
Cast in iron wall Lighting
Detailed Glowing Art
Metal Light Decor
Illuminating Fixtures of Art
Customised Lighting Bulbs
Copper Steel Table
Custom made cast Iron Table
Teak wood Bar Table
Metal designed Anchors